Mentoring - It's not what you think

    Laura Toop and John Butt explore #Projectme

    Month #2: 28th February @ 10am:

    Title: "Mentors and Milestones - Navigating Change with Courage"

    Theme: Behind every courageous step is a mentor who lit the way.

    Hashtags: #AdaptiveMe #ProjectMe #Courage #Mentorship #NavigatingChange

    Summary: "Explore how mentorship illuminates the path through life's changes, empowering you with the courage to achieve pivotal milestones with #ProjectMe."

    Quote: "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." - Albert Einstein

    “Join me, Laura, with host John Butt on West Kent Radio, as we bring #ProjectMe to life, exploring how to navigate life's shifts and flourish through change right here in Tonbridge, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, Paddock Wood, and beyond. Our talks blend real stories of transformation and resilience, connecting our community as we face life's unexpected turns together. #ProjectMe on West Kent Radio is your source for inspiration, practical guidance, and a sense of connection, proving you're not alone. We invite you to call in, contribute your thoughts, and share your journey with us, making our discussions even richer. Tune in, find clarity and courage, and discover how to flourish in every aspect of life, achieving success on your own terms.”

    What is #ProjectMe?

    #ProjectMe empowers you to tackle life's unexpected challenges with courage and clarity. Created by Laura Toop, a TEDx speaker with extensive experience in corporate transformation and personal development, #ProjectMe merges strategic life planning with personal growth techniques. This program guides you through essential milestones—from understanding where you stand today to reconnecting with your core, defining your path with purpose, and mastering the art of living a balanced, fulfilling life. It's designed for those who seek not just to succeed, but to succeed on their own terms, emphasizing the power of navigating change with confidence and flourishing in every life aspect.

    What is a #MonthlyMEMoment?

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    #MonthlyMEMoments are the calm amidst the busyness of the outside world, where chaos becomes clarity and courage, and success is achieved without compromise. In this space we navigate life’s changes and challenges, supporting one another to flourish. Join our community each month for a collective journey of insight sharing, experience exchange, and unwavering encouragement, as we boldly chart our paths to true success.

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