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    Free Events Guide Listings

    West Kent Radio is happy to add community events to the Events Guide, within reason, at no cost

    Examples of What We Accept
    Non-commercial events
    Club meetings
    Sport fixtures and events
    Fetes and Fairs
    Charity events
    Most other not for profit events

    What We Do Not Accept Free
    Commercial events held for profit. Commercial companies can add an event here.

    How It Works
    You are responsible for uploading your events, we do not do this for you.

    Each submission is checked before release and we reserve the right to decline an event if it falls outside our guidelines. We may also edit the entry for style.

    Will My Event Be Promoted On-Air?
    Possibly, but there is no guarantee. The West Kent Radio team select which events are mentioned on-air during our Events Guide segments and by presenters in general, focusing on community events.

    OK, Let’s Go!
    Excellent. Click "Add Event" and work from there.

    Coming Up

    • Mona Channet

      8:00pm - 10:00pm

      Evening Show

    • Night Network

      10:00pm - 7:00am

      The softer side of music

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