Our Members

Our band of merry members help to bring you the best in bedside entertainment.

Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells is run entirely by a team of volunteers who are dedicated to making the patient's stay in hospital a little more pleasant. Here you can meet just a handful of the friendly faces at the station.

Trevor Adams

Trevor has been a music fan since being given a Lonnie Donegan 78 whilst still in short trousers. This record unfortunately failed to survive being sat upon, but then came Radio Caroline, and Trevor was well and truly bitten by the radio bug. A lifetime of work in the insurance industry only served to make Trevor more determined to find a way of 'spinning the discs' and entertain others, so in 2003 he joined Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells. A dream was fulfilled! Trevor's enjoys all genres of music OK, with the exception of drum 'n' bass, but has a particular interest in music of the 60's and 70's, which goes well with his interest in classic cars. Stuck in a time warp? Certainly not. Now, where are those flares...

Pete Allsop

Pete is one of our newer members at Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells. Check back soon to see his full profile.

Claire Backhurst

The first time Claire DJ'd was to a crowd of a thousand at Cardiff University when the nightclub had a cutting edge deck not only with three vinyl players but also with one, new, incredibly special CD player! The buzz of seeing a crowd having a blast, sharing and playing the tracks that cheered everyone on, gave her the live, on-air bug. So in 1990, she created her own Hospital Radio Show at Cardiff's University Hospital calling it the "Crazy Claire on the Air" show with news, commentary, features and of course loads of bumper tracks. With over 20 years PR and Communications experience under her belt promoting multinational companies to media since then, Claire returned in 2014 to Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells and is providing Marketing & Communications advice to the charity as a volunteer Trustee.

Jerome Beadle

Jerome is one of our newer members at Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells. Check back soon to see his full profile.

Kate Beauchamp

Kate joined Hospital Radio in April 2014 and hosts the Wednesday morning Daytime Show. She loves the music that we play on our shows and find that many of the songs take her back to her younger years!! She have lived in the Tunbridge Wells area for most of her life and she's always interested in finding out more about our local area. When she discovers a new story or interesting fact she often adds it into the chatty moments of her show- it's a great excuse for her to read up on our local history and stories. She lives near Tunbridge Wells with her husband and two boys and enjoys cooking and trips to the cinema.

David Boyle

Born in 1965 and brought up on the farms where his mother worked, his pram was often parked at the side of a hop garden or orchard, with a radio blaring The Beatles, Bee Gees, Abba and all the great classics he now plays to entertain others. He has been with hospital radio since 1997 and still loves it. He has run a successful Disco business for 30 years and also plays with local band "Mish-Mash". He has been a Christian from a very early age and has spent all his life worshiping and serving with the Salvation Army. In 2012 he felt that God was calling him to work for him full time, so after much prayer, he gave up his career of 30 years in the fruit industry, and now work as a Territorial Envoy for the Salvation Army.

Stuart Boyle

From an early age Stuart has been a music fanatic, known amongst his friends as the "Sad Music Muppet", Stuart enjoys all forms of music be that playing live music as a drummer in concert and blues bands or on Hospital Radio. Stuart is involved with the Salvation Army. Stuart has worked in the care industry for many years and his aim in life is to bring a little happiness into people's lives through music. All his shows include music facts from the Sad Music Muppet.

Rosemary Brooks

Rosemary joined hospital radio after she retired from her job as an infant school secretary. It gives her the opportunity to meet lots of different people and she's known for doing a great deal of chatting, which makes her a popular visitor on the wards collecting the requests. When she's not busy with request collecting for hospital radio she fills her time with visits to the gym, gardening, line dancing, cooking and travelling.

John Butt

From listening to the offshore stations on a transistor to enjoying the comedy on DAB, radio has been part of this anorak's life for over fifty years. John joined Hospital Radio in 2014. Having been the religious producer and presenter on Pirate FM in Cornwall and Hertbeat FM in Hertfordshire John, a Methodist minister, now produces the Christian Magazine Programme Crosstalk. With a mix of features, music and humour, Crosstalk is the perfect pick me up for Sunday evenings.

Diane Clarke

Some long time ago Diane trained as a nurse and midwife at the Kent and Sussex and Pembury Hospitals and so in many ways life has come full circle by being involved with Hospital Radio. She joined in July 2002 and after one year served the next two as Secretary then became the Station Manager. She has won bronze, silver and gold awards for Female Hospital Radio Presenter of the Year in the Hospital Broadcasting Association awards. She enjoys reading, writing, and the pleasures of family life.

Will Dunn

Will has been a member since 1997 and, over the years has turned his hand to a variety of jobs at the station including the role of Technical Officer and very occasionally, talented presenter. It is his rather dubious responsibility to look after all the computer systems at the station. He lives by the simple rule that if it has a monitor attached to it, he can probably fix it, if not give it to a real engineer. Will listens to almost anything but chooses to draw the line at manufactured pop nonsense.

Charlotte Evans

Charlotte joined hospital radio in the summer of 2007 after leaving University where she had been a presenter on "Sin Radio". Having read an article in the local newspaper about Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells she decided to join. Charlotte enjoys meeting and talking with patients on her request collecting visits as well as presenting the shows. Charlotte also enjoys taking part in the fundraising aspect of the station during the outside broadcasts and collecting events. Charlotte fills her remaining spare time with salsa dancing, going to the gym, travelling and reading.

Tony Finn

Tony hails from Cork, in the Republic of Ireland, and re-joined as a member in 2017. He enjoys presenting magazine style shows. Tony is a lifetime fan of Liverpool Football Club, supports Cork Gaelic Football and Hurling teams from afar, and is also a dedicated fan of the Munster Rugby team. He also dabbles in short writing. A family man with an extended family which includes four grandchildren, he likes most types of music, reads a lot of detective fiction, and keeps his hand in at fishing when time allows.

Tim Godsalve

Tim joined HRTW in May 2005 and has been involved in several shows including the Sound Spectrum, the Sunday Extra sport show and Saturday Action. He is also a member of our Cricket commentary team during cricket week at The Nevill. He thinks he is the next Henry Blofeld because he keeps mentioning pigeons and yellow trucks going by the ground. He loves sport,dance music,DJ'ing and comedy and always likes to inject a little humour into his shows. He has always loved radio and has always had some sort of radio studio set up at home since he was a youngster.

Arthur Hosmer

Following an appeal for 'sound help' in a local newspaper and having over 40 years experience with public address equipment, Arthur visited the studios on an open day in 2000 and was offered membership as an engineering assistant. As time progressed, he became the station engineer on the committee responsible for studio equipment and the outside broadcasting equipment at fundraising events. He's recently completed the challenge of transferring the service from the Kent & Sussex hospital when it closed to the station's current studios in the town centre.

Phil Kidby

As one of the station's "newbies", Phil has an extremely diverse taste in music you would be surprised what you will find on his iPod anything from Beethoven to ZZ Top with all genres in between. Phil also enjoys taking part in the fundraising aspect of the station during the outside broadcasts and collection events, and has recently taken on a Committee role as Secretary. Apart from Hospital Radio, Phil is also an Assistant Scout Leader in Paddock Wood as well as an assessor for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme.

Chris Makey

Chris has been broadcasting on the radio since 2002 and entertains the patients every Saturday morning from 10am 'till noon. Radio colleagues have named him "The Silver Voiced Fox"!. He smooth's and sooth's but also loves his upbeat tunes as well as the oldies & he'll make you feel better wherever you are listening. Having worked on BBC Radio Kent and presenting Drivetime every weekday on Panda Radio in London Chris knows what works to make you the listener feel important because after all, it is all about you, the listener. Outside of radio Chris's interest's are swimming, healthy eating, mindfulness & walking his dog Barney (who always get's a mention on his show)!

Chris Manser

Chris joined hospital radio in 1981 and has become one of the most active members of the team in recent years, serving on the management committee as Publicity Officer, Programme Controller and Station Manager at various times. Apart from his love of music and radio, Chris is a keen TV viewer of Formula One and currently follows the fortunes of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. Chris also spends his spare time surfing the internet and has made several friends worldwide. He has a wide taste in music and looks after the station's playlist system, which helps select much of the music you're likely to hear.

Paul Mcnally

Paul doesn't actually live in this country any more, but he's still a member of Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells (yes, he loves this place so much... it's true). He's currently living in Paris, but you might catch him occasionally covering for absent presenters during the holidays, if you're lucky.

Phil Mills

Phil joined hospital radio in 2005. He has a wide taste in music, which has grown thanks to being involved with hospital radio, which has exposed him to a more diverse mix, but he has a real passion for the hits of the eighties and nineties in particular and always enjoy a bit of light hearted fun on the radio, whilst playing some Feel Good songs. Phil also helps with the setting up of Outside Broadcast events around the area.

Pete Moore

aka the Chunky Cowboy, Pete has a wide taste in music although his favourite is country. Becoming a radio presenter is the realisation of a life-long ambition, a dream that started during his school days in the sixties while listening to the pirate radio stations, such as Radio Caroline. Football and Line Dancing are Pete's other passions. He dances two or three nights a week and DJs on Tuesday evenings and occasionally at weekends, usually at charity fund raising events.

Ben Parry

Ben is one of our newer members at Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells. Check back soon to see his full profile.

Chris Reed

Chris became involved in hospital radio in 1973 through a conversation in Broadcasting House, where he worked on the production team of the BBC radio programme 'Late Night Extra'. Later that year, when London's Capital Radio was launched, he also became involved with the production of Tim Rice's programmes on the station, which more recently merited a (very brief) mention in Tim's autobiography 'Oh, What A Circus'. He joined the Tunbridge Wells team in 1978 and now presents our classical music programmes. Chris is the longest serving member of the station's management committee, having been its treasurer since 1982.

Martin Rodgers

Martin joined hospital radio way back in 1984, and is the creator and presenter of The Super Show. For nearly 30 years, he has been entertaining the patients at the weekend with an imaginative mix of music and features. He uses the on-air name Niki Hudson because he felt that Martin Rodgers didn't sound right for radio and that Niki Hudson was a more friendly and fun-loving name to go by. So the name stuck despite cries of protest from members of the Rodgers family who were denied their chance of fame around the wards! Martin remained an active member of hospital radio in Tunbridge Wells despite living in Guildford for several years. But he's now back in Tunbridge Wells making it easier to prepare his much cherished Super Show.

Richard Salvidge

Richard is one of our newer members at Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells. Check back soon to see his full profile.

James Webb

James joined hospital radio in 2009. He spends his spare time socialising, keeping fit in the gym and playing golf. He has a keen interest in most genres of music and enjoy seeing live bands and attending clubs, although you don't want to see his dancing, even though he's tried Salsa dancing before. He attends most of the outside broadcast events as a part of the de-rigging crew. He won the Station's Silver Mic Award in 2010 for his contribution to the outside broadcast team.

Chris Woodward

Chris has always been keen on radio broadcasting but it was not until 2003 that he had the time available to become involved with HRTW. Chris loves presenting shows and he really enjoys researching the various features included in his shows. He aims to include a variety of topics, which hopefully the listeners will find interesting and entertaining. Chris also employs his keen interest in sports by helping to produce and present sports shows. He is also involved in presenting cricket coverage from Tunbridge Wells cricket week. Apart from sport Chris has a number of other interests including flying light aeroplanes, motorcycling and playing the guitar.

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